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We support a wide selection of corporate and SME clients, both local & international, by delivering impactful directions and technological solutions
Our insights are drawn through deep understanding of the organisation's challenges and obstacle faced, specifically when technology is able to step in and unlock their potential.

Artificial Intelligence Smart Scanner

IMDA & Singapore's 3PLs

Using Artificial Intelligence technologies such as image recognition, image enhancer, semantic analyser and Artificial Intelligence @ Edge, VE Capital Asia work closely with IMDA Singapore to develop AI Smart Scanner that helped 3PLs in Singapore to eliminate manual and tedious product identification across the supply chain management processes such as receiving, putaway, picking, packing, fulfilment, etc.

The AI Smart Scanner helped 3PLs to achieve more than 90% of the product identification accuracy and saving more than 89% operating time which contributed more than 800% extra production output to the business.

By 2022, the technology is estimated to process more than 25,600,000 set of data, serving more than 2,000 SMEs & LLEs in the region.

Full Business & Operation Digitalization and Automation


Working hand in hand with Sheldon Global to develop a fully optimized deep technology software solution and IoT & hardware automation solution such as warehouse automated storage and retrieval system, automated order sorter with pick-to-light technology, and automated guided vehicle, etc.

The full suite solution allow Sheldon Global to be able to easier managing their newly acquired warehouses and scale up its business operation to fulfil more than 2,500 e-commerce orders per day as well as managing its multichannel e-commerce business activities.

Group-Buy Grocery E-Commerce Platform

Prime Supermarket

Partnering with VE Capital Asia for the CTOaaS, Prime Supermarket developed and spin-off a new group-buy, inventory, and order management solution, called Combine.sg to open up a brand new market and business revenue stream to its group. The system allows Prime Supermarket to now introduced e-commerce and group buy features to shoppers while including social commerce to increase and fulfil the sales.

With the system’s inventory and order management capabilities, Prime Supermarket can also now easily manage their online & offline sales and orders while managing its vendor payout as well as marketing campaigns.